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The Center for Children Team

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Mistalynn Meyeraan, Executive Director
Mistalynn, Executive Director, brings a background in marketing, public relations, business administration and public management to the Center for Children at a time when fundraising and brand awareness are crucial to the organization. She most recently worked at Reynolds Polymer Technology and the City of Grand Junction; prior to her move back to Western Colorado she was employed at Winter Park Resort. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix and in 2017 received a graduate certificate from the University of Colorado Denver from their Colorado Certified Public Manager Program, School of Public Affairs. Meyeraan is a native to Northwestern Colorado and joined the Center's team in 2018. 
Tami Hunt, Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Tami, Executive Assistant, has diverse experience in all bookkeeping and accounting functions. She has extensive computer experience in both PC and Macintosh. She is an invaluable member of the finance team at the Center for Children. Tami celebrates her 21st anniversary working for the Center in October 2020, and has a vast array of historical knowledge and  expertise about the Center and the community.
Jody Lusby, Development/Outreach Coordinator/SANE Liaison
Jody has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from Colorado Mesa University. She has been an active part of the community here on the Western Slope since 1999. Jody has over eighteen years of experience in Outreach, Public Relations, Event Planning and Education as well as working with children of all ages in a variety of settings. Jody joined Western Slope Center for Children in April 2015.
Joan Mulleady, Clinical Program Director/Therapist
Joan has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado.  With over 30 years of experience providing therapeutic services to children and families in Mesa County, Joan has been associated with the Center for 15 of those years. Her expertise includes counseling child victims of sexual abuse/trauma and their families, trial preparation for victims and mental health program development at the Center for Children. 

Jessica Berry, Mental Health Therapist
Jessica has a Master of Social Work Degree from University of Denver and is a licensed therapist in the State of Colorado. Her specialties are trauma informed care and social justice. Jessica is a native to Western Colorado. She has been providing mental health services in the Grand Valley since 2015 and came to work for the Center for Children team in 2020, after a successful internship during her Master's work.
Scott Barks, Forensic Interviewer/MDT Coordinator
Scott has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, with good background knowledge in Criminal Justice, from Colorado Mesa University. Scott has worked with youth throughout the valley in different programs, primarily faith-based, building a solid foundation and garnering research on how to work with teens in particular. He seeks to relate to clients in order to maximize sessions, showing his passion for those he works for. Scott has had experience in counseling with children on a variety of social topics that affect them in America today, and is dedicated to helping them reach the best possible life outcome. Scott became part of the WSCC's staff in August 2015.

 Melissa Jefferson, Family Support Advocate/Education Coordinator 
Melissa has a BA in Psychology from Colorado Mesa University and is a trained facilitator of Active Parenting and Teens in Action programs. Melissa co-wrote an equine assisted learning program, Horsepower for Survivors, which she facilitates with the Center’s Clinical Program Director, Joan Mulleady. Additionally, Melissa created a trauma informed version of the Active Parenting and Teens in Action programs specifically for Western Slope Center for Children. She has provided contract services for the Center since 2010, and became part of the WSCC's staff in January of 2018.
Alondra Rodriguez, Billigual Family Support Advocate/Office Coordinator
Alondra is a native Spanish speaker and her second language is English. She works to be a productive member of the community and has experience working with higher-risk-youth in diverse cultural groups as a mentor and a youth restitution supervisor. Alondra has been with the Center for Children since of 2019, serving youth and their caregivers as a dedicated Family Support Advocate. 

Contracted Mental Health Therapist: 
Sydney Elks

Contracted SANE Nurses: 
Aillen Bowman, Mesa County SANE Nurse Program Coordinator
Deb Bailey
DJ Anderson
Tanya Kelly
Brittany Bear
Cindy Neal
Amy Sorensen
Jannice Knapp

CALL 970-242-1211

If you suspect child abuse - or if a child tells you about abuse - making a report is very important! You cannot get into trouble or lose your job for making a report that turns out to be unfounded if you had good intentions when you made the report.

All calls remain anonymous.
Reports of known or suspected child abuse or neglect should be made immediately to the Mesa County Department of Human Services Child Protection Hotline at (970) 242-1211 or a local law enforcement agency at 911.

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