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Memorial and Honorary Giving Program

Charitable giving is a special tradition in many families because it reaffirms the values and priorities we share with our loved ones.

In that tradition, memorial and honorary gifts are a special way to remember families and friends.  These gifts provide a heartfelt way to honor the memory and accomplishment of others while furthering goals that enhance all of our lives.

Your gifts on behalf of loved ones will be a living memorial.  Supporting important causes ensures that their values will live on in the world and leave a lasting legacy.

Gifts to the Center for Children ensure that abused children will receive the attention and care they deserve.  

With every contribution, the Center will send an acknowledgement and receipt to the donor.  A memorial or honor card will be sent to the family of the loved one or to the person being honored.  Acknowledgements will also be published in our bi-annual newsletter. 
If you are interested in making a memorial or honorary donation/gift, please provide us with the name of whom you are honoring and where we can send an acknowledgement.  If you have questions, about this program, please contact us at (970)  245-3788.

CALL 970-242-1211

If you suspect child abuse - or if a child tells you about abuse - making a report is very important! You cannot get into trouble or lose your job for making a report that turns out to be unfounded if you had good intentions when you made the report.

All calls remain anonymous.
Reports of known or suspected child abuse or neglect should be made immediately to the Mesa County Department of Human Services Child Protection Hotline at (970) 242-1211 or a local law enforcement agency at 911.

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