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Help for Parents

Are you concerned about a child in your home? We provide confidential help for parents and their children. Child abuse can take many forms, including:
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
Child abuse hurts everyone.
  • Children suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically.
  • The effects can last a lifetime.
  • Society is affected by troubled families. Crime and many other problems can result from abuse.
  • Reporting abuse can protect children from further harm-- it can save lives.
  • Many children who are abused grow up to abuse their own children. Reporting abuse can help break this cycle.
Contact us today and begin the healing process for you and your family.
Online safety information for parents and kids

CALL 970-242-1211

If you suspect child abuse - or if a child tells you about abuse - making a report is very important! You cannot get into trouble or lose your job for making a report that turns out to be unfounded if you had good intentions when you made the report.

All calls remain anonymous.
Reports of known or suspected child abuse or neglect should be made immediately to the Mesa County Department of Human Services Child Protection Hotline at (970) 242-1211 or a local law enforcement agency at 911.

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