Help. Hope. Healing

Center for Children

Grand Junction, Colorado


Help. Hope. Healing.

It’s difficult to accept that child abuse happens here. But it does. And turning a blind eye feeds the trauma and allows it to continue. The only way to end child abuse is to not turn away. To not let children navigate the darkness alone. To walk with them, believe them, support them, fight for them, love them, help them, and uplift them. 
Because with each child we help heal, there’s hope for all.

April is Child abuse Prevention Month! A time for our community to come together go focus on healing and justice for children and their families who are victims of violence and sexual abuse. In support, we are hosting a Coloring Contest with our iconic Hot Air Balloon illustration. For details, rules and a copy of the coloring page - 

The Center for Children is a nationally accredited children's advocacy center located in Grand Junction, Colorado. We are the first stop for children in Mesa County and surrounding areas who are suspected victims of sexual and serious physical abuse and for children who may have witnessed a violent crime.

The Center for Children is a child-friendly, specially equipped facility where children go for interviews, counseling and intervention during the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases.

All services are provided at no charge, ever. Families need to focus on healing.

With our expanded facility and renovations, the Center for Children has the ability to have separate spaces for forensic interviews, therapeutic services, medical examinations, staff, and training and has assisted in creating a warmer, more private environment that provides a safe space for children and families to begin their healing and recovery.

The Center for Children is always looking for items or funds to help us help kids. We couldn't do it without you. 


The Center for Children promotes healing and justice for children who are victims of violence and sexual abuse while striving to make the community safer through prevention, education and advocacy.

Stewards of Children

Darkness to Light - End Child Sexual Abuse

Stewards of Children is a prevention training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for organizations that serve youth, parents/caregivers, and for individuals concerned about the safety of children. It is the only nationally distributed, evidence based program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors.

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